Sunday, February 12, 2012

Someone Beat me to it!

So I'm not even a month into this and I'm already second guessing just about everything I'm doing.  I just found this: while I was diagnosing an issue I was having and am seriously considering just following this guide.  Furthermore, I'm almost certain that I shouldn't be bothering with Parallels as it's extremely annoying that I cannot install their stupid tools in a current Linux environment.  I'm still using Parallels 5 and I'm not looking to upgrade.

So, seeing as I'm going all open source on everything, I'm going to invest some time into VirtualBox and go that route.  I plan on doing the verbatim install listed on the above guide in VirtualBox, but I also plan on re-doing said install once my computer is up and running.  I will definitely be using a separate /home partition (for those non-Linux types, /home is like the Users folder in OS X, putting it on a separate partition or even a separate drive gives the user(s) that entire partition and drive for their files and configurations.  If you were to, say, mess up a system installed, you'd still have all your desktop, your icons, your widgets, etc. readily available) so when the time comes, I can just copy that over.

I'm actually quite excited about someone else having already done this.  Of course, his hardware is already supported whereas mine, unfortunately, is not yet.  I'm anxiously anticipating the time when I can actually start testing my system in Linux with sound working and everything, but until then, I can follow this guide, run into issues, fix them, break some more, and then see where it gets me.

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