Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to test

So my little hack method looks like it might work.  I'm going to try this right now.  I've got SPDIF output from my onboard audio card and I'm running it to my Fireface.  I've never tried using the device in stand-alone mode, so now, I'll be rebooting, plugging my DVD-RW drive back in (yes, I know, I've been working for months without a disc drive on my hackintosh and it's been fine), booting into Sabayon 8 KDE LiveDVD.  With any luck, I'll hear the startup sounds that they have by default.

EDIT: Looks like I'm up and running. Currently I do not have the audio through my speakers like I was hoping, but I'm also not terribly surprised at this outcome. I believe I forgot to save the settings to the speaker channels, but I have it in my headphones, which means that I can operate under this system.

It'll still take some tweaking, as of right now, I am not installing, for various reasons (top of which being hard drive space, lower being time, and lowest being figuring out dual-booting), but this liveDVD (Sabayon 8) has me hopeful. For right now, I'm going to see how well the system survives without me rebooting into OS X today. It means I'm going to be emailing and everything from my laptop for now (simply because I don't feel like configuring KMail, Thunderbird, or whatever other client I feel like using), but I'm looking forward to a fuller Linux experience. By for now!

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